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Virtual STEM Summer Camp 2020

Virtual STEM Summer Camp

If school is ending and you’re seeking an engaging, educational, and independent experience for your child, you’ve come to the right place!

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About The Camp:

This virtual STEM summer camp is for students ages 7 – 12 on an online learning platform, Google Classroom. With this curated educational experience, students can participate in three modules – STEM, Coding, and Science. Each module will be three weeks long, with each week taking on a different theme. Your child can participate in as many as all nine weeks, or as little as one. This virtual summer camp will immerse your child in independent, curated online experiences that will expose him or her to STEM and Engineering fields, and will connect these fields to his or her interests and everyday life.

How Does It Work?

Three modules will take place – STEM, Coding, and Science – with each module lasting three weeks. Each week within the modules will take on a different theme (i.e. Week 1 of the STEM Module will be graphic design, Week 2 will be engineering, etc.). Each day, we will post a pre-recorded focused experience expanding upon the week’s theme. This experience will follow a consistent format; 15 minutes of video engagement, 30-45 of an activity (sketching, drawing, writing, online simulation, webquest), 15 minutes of connections to careers, everyday life, and academics. The focused experience will require little to no parent involvement. Following the focused experience, students may choose take part in a 2-3 hour enrichment opportunity. The enrichment opportunity may require minimal parent involvement (gathering materials, helping student test, logging into an online tool). By making this a standalone experience, students can participate in activities that are completely independent and keep them engaged for the minimum 3-4 hours, or the whole day. Activities will include free online software and materials that the students would have at home. By creating this experience as an independent, pre-made program, we can ensure that technological glitches will be minimal and there will be no conflicts or necessary monitoring of message boards or group activities.

Who Can Participate?

Children ages 7 – 12.

What is the Camp Schedule?

The schedule below lists when each week of each module will be released. You can register for any module, at any time. For example, if you decide in August that you would like to sign up for the Graphic Design week, you can sign up and have access to that week of the camp. Registration will no longer be accepted after August 17.

  • STEM Module June 22 – 26: Graphic Design
  • STEM Module June 29 – July 3: Engineering
  • STEM Module July 6 – July 10: Designing and Making
  • Coding Module July 13 – July 17: Coding Beginner
  • Coding Module July 20 – July 24: Coding Intermediate
  • Coding Module July 27 – July 31: Coding Advanced
  • Science Module August 3 – August 7: At Home Chemistry
  • Science Module August 10 – August 14: Life Sciences
  • Science Module August 17 – 21: Earth and Space


What if I miss a week of the camp that I am interested in?

You can join any week of this camp at ANY time! Let’s say today is July 15, and you just found out about Graphic Design week, that took place back in June. You can still enroll for that week. Because it already took place, upon enrollment, you will receive AUTOMATIC ACCESS to the FULL WEEK because it has already taken place!

Where is This Camp Held?

This camp is 100% virtual and online. It will take place on Google Classroom, with extension activities and resources linking to outside, free websites and softwares.

Does the Camper Have to Log On at a Specific Time?

Not at all! This camp runs on YOUR time. All modules will be live for the campers to engage in at 9:00 AM EST every day. They can log on at that time, or any other time that works for their schedule and for yours. If the camper is unable to log on one of the days, he or she will have until August 21st to engage with that day’s activity before it goes offline.

Will the Campers Interact With One Another?

No. You can certainly spread the word to your child’s friends and they can communicate about the camp and activities outside of the camp, but there will be no interaction amongst campers within the camp. We made this choice to allow for truly independent activities with minimal parental involvement or supervision.

How Much Does It Cost?

Each week of the camp will be $50. You can pick and choose which weeks you would like to enroll your child in. You can pay $50 for one week, $450 for all nine weeks.

Where Do I Sign My Child Up?

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