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Client Testimonials


Caldwell School District

“The district’s collaboration with the center has instigated (ignited) discussions about the types of experiences we provide for students across K-12 classrooms. The world has been irrevocably altered by a global expansion of access and connectivity. Furthermore, the democratization of the web invites more people to serve as producers of rich publicly viewed/discussed content. Schools cannot exist in a bubble, pretending to be immune from these larger societal shifts. Quite simply, instructional design in our schools has to change. Teachers involved in the pilot have committed to re-envisioning how their respective classrooms function. Through either isolated design challenges or larger design inspired units, classroom cultures have evolved to where students are positioned to be creators, innovators, makers, entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs.”


-Scott Klepesch, Director of Curriculum & Instruction, Caldwell School District

“Infusing STEM into our elementary curriculum has been a positive learning opportunity for our students.  Students are engaged in project-based learning to learn science and math objectives while utilizing 21st century computer and engineering skills.  Students are participating in a cooperating learning environment which promotes teamwork and peer collaboration.  STEM allows for a real hands on approach to learning content areas.  Many of our students cheer when they see STEM on the schedule!”


~4th Grade Teachers CWCBOE, Wilson Elementary School

 Morris School District

“Prior to our work with the center we provided a vast arrangement of educational programs running in “silos” independent of one another.  Our work with the iSTEM department at TCNJ allowed us to move our staff and district toward a more collaborative and integrated educational experience. The presenters got to know our staff on an individual basis fostering an excitement for learning as well as bringing out the strengths in our educational programs. Our staff worked with the center on un-packing the Next Generation Science Standards, outlining and understanding the engineering design loop practice, and bringing the design process together along with scientific inquiry to create a comprehensive learning experience for our students. Our work has laid the foundation for future cross-curricular collaborations as well as built a 6-12 framework for STEM education that will stretch throughout our district as well as extend to others…


The success of our work has been evident in the collaborations of our teaching staff, the design based approach to learning presented to our students, and the progressive movement forward in our efforts to fully implement the Next Generation Science Standards. My personal vision is a future filled with STEM education that equally challenges and presents our students with opportunities to explore real-world applications while fostering their passion for learning and all-things STEM. “


-Brian Young, Director, Morristown High School STEM Academy; Acting Supervisor of Science, Technology, and STEM education



 Winslow School District

“Chris Anderson has been an extreme asset, if not an imperative one, in developing our STEM program at Winslow Township Middle School. His tireless efforts, depth of knowledge and infectious enthusiasm for all things STEM have taken us from zero to sixty as we plunged into our new venture with six STEM course sections per day, reaching 120 students. When I first met Chris, I had a sense that utilizing him via the Center for Excellence in STEM Education at TCNJ would be more of a relationship rather than just a contractual agreement. As we delved into our contractual days of support, my inclination was confirmed. His dedication, knowledge and vast experiences are my strong recommendation to any district trying to prepare and inspire young people in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.”

-John S. Innocenzo, District Supervisor of Mathematics, Winslow Township School District


















jackson school district

Jackson School District

“Having heard about a new way of thinking when it comes to the future of education, I stumbled into the idea of STEM and its movement. Previously, I had taught in the classroom for over a decade, but soon realized that current educational practices left a lot to be desired by both students and teachers. What I quickly bought into is the idea and pedagogy behind this STEM movement, as a way of rethinking the way in which teachers teach and learners learn. I decided to embark on the journey of making this style of learning a possibility in our school.

After reaching out to Mr. Anderson and the Center for Excellence, we collaboratively developed a plan on how to bring STEM education to our students at an elementary level. It would not be as a packaged curriculum sold by some major company like Scott Foresman, but as a series of professional development trainings that would help teachers and students make the transition to what authentic learning could be.

Our school decided to pilot a unit with several 4th and 5th grade teachers as a way to grow this seed of reform. These selected teachers were given some basic training and set off to “experiment” with STEM activities. Right away, teachers and students bought into these ideas and principles, as enthusiasm soared for engineering and creativity in those classrooms. When some special education students decided to build their own design projects at home because of the enjoyment of learning they experienced in class, we knew we were on to something.

Some of my teachers have been using some basic STEM lessons and mini-units in their classrooms and the results are remarkable. Reported increases in student engagement, problem solving abilities, and collaborative brainstorming are just some on the “side” benefits they have experienced. Students seem to advocate for more of these projects and activities, and the teachers are enjoying it as well. This Spring these same teachers will be fully trained to implement a full unit within their classrooms and everyone can’t wait. Below are some of the testimonials from those piloting teachers.

-Shawn Levinson, Supervising Teacher, HC Johnson Elementary School, Jackson School District

“I appreciate the opportunity to work on the STEM program in my class this year. The students were highly motivated and excited to do these projects.

The greatest aspect I noticed in my class was the students’ ability to work together as teams. They planned well and listened to each other’s ideas in respectful ways and I never heard arguing or disrespectful comments. They were able to calmly adjust plans they had made according to the workability of their constructions and they celebrated the success of every group. They were also able to give constructive advice to groups whose projects did not achieve the best result the first time.

The students were able to use a variety of different materials that they themselves contributed, that would otherwise probably have been thrown out, so it was also a lesson in recycling and resourcefulness.

We look forward to future STEM projects.

-N. Campitelli,  4th grade teacher, Jackson School District

Westfield School District

“The Center has provided curriculum and professional development support for Westfield Public Schools District for just under four years. Our work with the Center has included having teachers and administrators attend sessions at TCNJ to receiving primers in district for both teachers and administrators. We have also begun work on an ambitious five-district PD and Curriculum-writing collaborative to review, write and revise curriculum to include the Next Generation Science Standards and the Center is guiding this ambitious two-year undertaking. “

  -Dr. Paul Peirno, Assistant Superintendent

A Recap of the iSTEM/NGSS Symposium

Presentation and Panelist resources and highlight video from our recent iSTEM/NGSS Symposium are now available. Check out how these teacher-learders, from our partnering districts, are navigating the transition to the NGSS and iSTEM education methods.

For more information on each specific presentation, click here.

Congrats to our Partners from Winslow Middle School!

Congrats to our partners from Winslow Middle School’s Environmental STEM program for winning the Environmental Community Service Award – a $5,000 grant – from 6ABC, WAWA, and the environmental law firm, Manko, Gold, Katcher & Fox! Congrats Mr. Cruz, and thanks to Marc Rogoff from NJ’s EPA for speaking at the ceremony! Continue Reading

Program Announcement: M.Ed. i-STEM

Program Announcement: M.Ed. i-STEM

The School of Engineering is pleased to announce a new MEd i-STEM program. TCNJ’s MEd in i-STEM program offers an intellectually stimulating course of study which provides in-service teachers with current, integrative, design-centric teaching and learning methods applicable across PK-12 grade levels. The MEd, along with Problem-Based Learning (PBL) certificate options, provides teachers with the… Continue Reading

Second Graders Show Off Innovative Inventions

  Second Graders Show Off Innovative Inventions Projects completed at Wilson Elementary School in West Caldwell with the Center for Excellence in STEM Education were recently highlighted in an article by The Progress.  Click on the link below for the full article.  Wilson Elementary School is one of many New Jersey school districts receiving targeted… Continue Reading

Future Engineers Summer Camp is Back!

The Future Engineers Summer Program is back for 2011! The hands-on STEM program is now funded by the PSE&G Foundation, with support from the College of New Jersey and the Boys and Girls Club of Trenton/Mercer County. The program is held at Columbus School in Trenton, and will last eight weeks. There are currently 50… Continue Reading