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iSTEM Primer

A comprehensive snapshot of modern STEM education methods, in context of NGSS, Common Core and 21st Century skills

“STEM” or Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, is the education buzzword of the decade, and everyone is using it.  The question is, amidst so much hype and misinformation, are you confident in your own ability, and that of those around you, to recognize, articulate and respond to the trends and implications of STEM education reforms?  Through this entertaining, practical and dynamic presentation participants will 1) contextualize current trends, key-players, and issues; 2) develop a common language for engaging in related discourse; 3) examine the role of engineering, inquiry and design-based pedagogy in PK-12 classrooms; and 4) identify and prioritize the emerging implications and specific opportunities that stakeholders in STEM education need to be aware of.


  • Flash drives of representative supporting articles, work samples, slides, and media
  • Sample slides and glossary of terms
  • All instructional materials utilized in sample lessons
  • Guide Template for creating integrative design based experiences
  • Blank Template for creating design portfolios
  • Completed template for integrative design experience portfolio
  • Completed project from integrative design experience
  • Teacher Appendix and content connections guide

Actions Enabled

  • Meaningful discussion and discovery of programs strengths weaknesses and needs.
  • Potential for future training/partnerships
  • Plan for future programming needs