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2 Day Workshop

Includes comprehensive design experience, roundtable discussions and brainstorming sessions, critical discussion of existing resources

The 2 Day package offers teachers the opportunity to engage in integrative STEM (design-based experiences) consistent with grade level standards. This experience is geared towards fostering knowledge, skill, and a sense of optimism and purpose in attendees who want to create more meaningful integrative experiences in the classroom. This program permits time for a more comprehensive design experience, roundtable discussions and brainstorming sessions, discussion and analysis of existing resources and allows for collaboration and development of basic instructional materials

Actions Enabled

  • Utilize design-based strategies and materials in the classroom
  • Access and analyze resources for potential use in the classroom
  • Utilize brainstorming strategies in the classroom
  • Engage in design thinking for creating instructional experiences
  • Develop new instructional materials/unit plans
  • Collaborate on development of and sharing of resources
  • Utilize design notebooks/portfolios
  • Create design briefs and problem statements
  • Increase cross curricular integration of content as appropriate
  • Assess facilities design


  • Flash drives of representative supporting articles, work samples, slides, and media
  • Sample slides and glossary of terms
  • All instructional materials utilized in sample lessons
  • Guide template for creating integrative design based experiences
  • Blank template for creating design portfolios
  • Completed template for integrative design experience portfolio
  • Completed project from integrative design experience
  • Teacher Appendix and content connections guide