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5 Day Institute

Comprehensive coverage of engineering design process in context of NGSS, CC, and 21st Century skills. Detailed review of important Pedagogy, Curriculum, Assessment and Evaluation of iSTEM materials/methods, including tools for critically assessing commercial curriculum

The 5 Day Institute represents the most comprehensive and customizable professional development experience. The Institute allows for a more through immersion in the theory, practical application, and classroom implications of content related to facilitated integrative design based experiences and delivering meaningfully connected content. Highlights of the 5 Day Institute include comprehensive coverage of process skills associated with the engineering design process, considerations for facilities design and management, full immersion in iterative redesigns of projects, and sharing and reflection on newly created classroom materials. A complimentary 3 hours of discovery and planning services with STEM center staff are included in the interest of designing experiences to best meet individual needs. In addition, all attendees receive a free class set of materials from the central design challenge to use in their classroom!

Actions Enabled

  • Utilize design-based strategies and materials in the classroom
  • Access and analyze resources for potential use in the classroom
  • Utilize brainstorming strategies in the classroom
  • Engage in design thinking for creating instructional experiences
  • Develop new instructional materials/unit plans
  • Collaborate on development of and sharing of resources
  • Utilize design notebooks/portfolios
  • Create design briefs and problem statements
  • Increase cross curricular integration of content as appropriate
  • Assess facilities design
  • Program articulation and long term goal setting
  • Development of problem statements and backgrounds for content experiences
  • Implementation of new instructional materials
  • Use of classroom materials
  • Modification and/or facilities self-audits
  • Refinement of materials
  • Maximize network and connections


  • Flash drives of representative supporting articles, work samples, slides, and media
  • Sample slides and glossary of terms
  • All instructional materials utilized in sample lessons
  • Guide template for creating integrative design based experiences
  • Blank template for creating design portfolios
  • Completed template for integrative design experience portfolio
  • Completed project from integrative design experience
  • Teacher Appendix and content connections guide
  • Class set of materials
  • Engineering Design Process chronology
  • 3 hours planning/discovery