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One Day Discovery

In depth analysis of all components of existing program to provide targeted recommendations on improvements

Discovery is used to analyze all elements of an existing school for the purpose of informing the scope and sequence of a long-term implementation strategy. Each component of a program is reviewed to determine the strengths and weaknesses as well at its capacity, keeping the institute’s mission and vision at the forefront. During Discovery, the iSTEM Team will conduct staff and stakeholder interviews to determine the mission and vision, identify areas of excellence and growth, and discover the goals of a STEM program. Ultimately, this process will result in recommendations that are used to guide an implementation plan.

Service Components:

  • Establish planning team of stakeholders including lead teachers, board and administration members, and parent/community representatives
  • Document review
  • Facilities review (inventory of current facilities, laboratories, natural spaces, equipment)
  • Teacher professional development review (models for professional development, analysis of vendors and success/challenges from prior work)
  • Co-curricular/extracurricular history review
  • Stakeholder review


  • Written report of recommendations for modifications to existing program