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Author Archives: Ellen Farr

2 Day Workshop

Includes comprehensive design experience, roundtable discussions and brainstorming sessions, critical discussion of existing resources The 2 Day package offers teachers the opportunity to engage in integrative STEM (design-based experiences) consistent with grade level standards. This experience is geared towards fostering knowledge, skill, and a sense of optimism and purpose in attendees who want to create… Continue Reading

5 Day Institute

Comprehensive coverage of engineering design process in context of NGSS, CC, and 21st Century skills. Detailed review of important Pedagogy, Curriculum, Assessment and Evaluation of iSTEM materials/methods, including tools for critically assessing commercial curriculum The 5 Day Institute represents the most comprehensive and customizable professional development experience. The Institute allows for a more through immersion… Continue Reading

One Day Discovery

In depth analysis of all components of existing program to provide targeted recommendations on improvements Discovery is used to analyze all elements of an existing school for the purpose of informing the scope and sequence of a long-term implementation strategy. Each component of a program is reviewed to determine the strengths and weaknesses as well… Continue Reading